Bloomfield Art Festival


The Bloomfield Art Festival features fine art and crafts from vendors throughout southern Indiana.  To accompany the artwork, visitors can look forward to plenty of live entertainment and delicious food throughout the day.  Also, visitors who bring their art supplies can participate in the annual plein air paintout that takes place during the festival.  These artists compete for cash prizes, art supplies, and other awards.  For the younger artists, the Bloomfield Art Festival also offers a sidewalk chalk competition. 

The 2016 Bloomfield Art Festival will take place Saturday, June 8th, the festival will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be a rain or shine event. Below you will find all necessary documents to acquire a vendor booth at Bloomfield’s annual art event,  If you’re not an artist, please share this information with artists and craftsman you may know.  The festival gets a little larger each year, and we are looking forward to the biggest turnout yet. 

If you’d like to be a vendor, make sure to send in your contracts and fees ASAP to guarantee a booth space.  June 4th is the deadline to guarantee your space.  Vendors will be accepted after this date, but at the discretion of the festival committee

Please contact me with any questions you may have.  I can be reached by email at or by phone at (812) 384-6505.  I look forward to seeing you on June 8th.


Registration Forms


2016 Art Festival Vendor Contract PDF OR WORD

2016 Art Festival Indemnification Form PDF OR WORD

2016 Bloomfield Art Festival Flier PDF OR WORD

Vendors please download or print all the above form and return them by no later then, June 4th to guarantee your space.






1. That the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc., its directors, members and the Town of Bloomfield, Indiana, shall not be responsible for any injury or loss, or legal action that may arise or come to the vendor, his/her employees or his/her family for personal injury; for damages or loss of his good or property (including automobiles, vehicles, exhibits, equipment and all other personal property); for injury to the public for any cause whatsoever while said premises are being used under this agreement. The vendor agrees to save and hold the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc., its directors, members and the Town of Bloomfield harmless from any such liability out of his/her exhibiting at the 2016 Bloomfield Art Festival. All insurance must be paid for and held by the vendor, including set-up.


2. All vendors selling food items, whether for profit or not, shall have and are responsible for the procurement of the proper certificates and licenses from the Greene County Department of Health PRIOR to opening for business. Any food vendor who does not have the proper authorization from the Greene County Department of Health will not be allowed to open for business and will be asked to leave the park without a refund of their deposit or space fee.


3. NO explosive fireworks, smoke-makers, silly string or disappearing ink, laser pointers, or any other items deemed inappropriate by the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc., will be sold while under this agreement. No games of chance are allowed, as described by Indiana Law.



4. There will be NO REFUNDS in the event of rain or no-show by the vendor. Only members of the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc., Board of Directors may allocate space and determine the location of vendors.



5. All vehicles must be parked outside of the exhibit area during the Bloomfield Art Festival. Vendors will be allowed to park in the adjacent baseball diamond parking lot for a maximum of 20 minutes to load and unload only.




6. All vendors agree to keep the immediate area around their booth, tent, shelter house, trailer or area clean and free of clutter. All vendors agree to conduct themselves appropriately. All vendors further agree that they will comply with any and all requirements of the State Fire Marshal, Bloomfield Fire Department, Bloomfield Police Department, Bloomfield Town Council and the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc. All booths, tents and shelter houses must contain at least one working fire extinguisher, visibly displayed. By order of the Indiana State Fire Marshal, there shall be NO smoking inside any booth, tent or shelter house.


7. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted at the Bloomfield Art Festival. If you are found to be in possession of alcoholic beverages at the Bloomfield Town Park, the Bloomfield School grounds, or any other areas being used by the Bloomfield Art Festival, you will be charged with a criminal offense and asked to leave the festival immediately. There shall be no refund of your vendor’s fees or deposits.


8. Electrical and water hook-ups are available. Vendors MUST use the electrical services (outlets) available. There will be NO re-wiring or hardwiring of electricity allowed.


9. By order of the State Fire Marshall, all vendors must have a charged fire extinguisher in his/her tent. No stakes are allowed in the ground due to underground wiring in the Park. Four sand bags will be available for 10’ x 10’ tents and 6 sand bags for 20’ x 20’ tents. All tarps must be fire retardant.


10. All decisions of the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc., its directors, members and the Town of Bloomfield are final.


11. This contract does NOT grant any vendor the right to exclusively exhibit or sell any items, goods or services.


12. This contract is the entire contract between myself and the Bloomfield Apple Festival Inc. There are no amendments.
Please download and/or print the above Registration forms , return them with payment by June 4th to reserve your booth ahead of time.